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 Cleansing to maximize airbrush results



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Proper skincare creates a smooth canvas for your airbrush application.

While we've all heard the virtues of airbrush makeup, and it's true... being airbrushed is like being Photoshopped, there are steps we can take to insure better skin before we begin. 

Start by using a pre-cleansing solution.  Most are oily in texture which seems counter intuative if you have oily skin but that extra step really deep cleans pores and leaves no oily residue.  Follow with your regular cleanser and eyemakeup remover.  These steps you'll want to do nightly and then add a gentle exfoliant at least twice a week, more often if you're over 50 since skin cell renewal slows as we age.  During sleep you'll reap the most benefits from your moisturizer so take advantage of this opportunity for skin renewal as well as mind and body.  

Mornings keep it simple by rinsing with water in the shower unless you have extremely dry skin in which case use a moisturizing cleanser which will act as a barrier against hot water which can strip skin of its natural oils.  Follow with your favorite toner, moisturizer and sunscreen with a minimum 30 spf.  Apply these while skin is still damp for better absorbtion and moisture retention.

These simple steps will keep you radiant, dewy and protected from the elements and ready to accept your airbrush application with longer staying power!  Your moisturizing routine may require adjusting in colder, dryer climates based on your skin type.  Don't be afraid to vary your products in different temperatures.  Your skin will tell you what it needs.

Written by Paula Mayer / Makeup Artist, stylist and founder of AirPro Makeup.



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